Dreamcast NFL 2K2 (Game Disc Only) [E]

Dreamcast NFL 2K2 (Game Disc Only) [E]

  • $ 3.93

Used Video Game with 90 day warranty. Disc only, does not include box or instructions.


Step onto the gridiron with the swagger of a champion. NFL 2K2 brings it with a juiced offense and true-to-life QB logic. Match that with devastating defense, and prepare to generate the power.
  • REALISTIC QUARTERBACK BEHAVIOR - QBs act like they do in the pros. Big guns stand and deliver, scramlbers break the pocket and make plays.
  • PLAY ONLINE WITH UP TO 8 PEOPLE - Play heat-to-head and track wins and losses to see how you measure up against opponents across the country.
  • MORE LIFELIKE ANIMATIONS - Imporved RB spinning and stiff arm moves, and better grasping and tackling on D.
  • MORE LINES OF COMMENTARY THAN ANY NFL GAME - NFL 2K2 delivers an unmatched variety of situation-specific dialogue.
  • TEAM-SPECIFIC PLAYBOOKS - Use playbooks that mirror each NFL team's style or create your own custom plays and playbooks.
Rated: EVERYONE. 1-4 Players. Keyboard. Standard Controller. Jump Pack compatible. Online Multi-Player. VMU compatible 180 blocks. VGA Box. Modem.

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