GameCube Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets Disc Only [E]

GameCube Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets Disc Only [E]

  • $ 7.93

Used Video Game with 90 day warranty. Disc only, does not include box or instructions.

Dare to Return to Hogwarts

Be Harry Potter in a richer, deeper adventure - explore an authentic, immersive Hogwarts.


  • Confront the mysteries of the Chamber of Secrets with advanced second-year magic, challenging quests and dangerous adversaries.
  • Greater depth - featuring Wizard Duels, Vari-Power spells, and Quidditch leagues.
  • Take flight - hop on your Nimbus Two Thousand and freely explore Hogwarts.
  • Harry comes to life - his internal voice guides you.
  • Connect with the Game Boy Advance Chamber of Secrets game to extend your adventure.(Game Boy Advance game and connecting cable required)
Rated: EVERYONE, Violence. 1 Player. Memory Card: 5 Blocks. Game Boy Advance Compatible. Banner