PlayStation 1 Coolboarders 4 (Game Disc Only) [E]

PlayStation 1 Coolboarders 4 (Game Disc Only) [E]

  • $ 3.93

The #1 Snowboarding Series Goes Huge!
  • New Tricks, Killer Gameplay - Hand plants, method melons, stalefish tweaks and more Sharper carving and improved physics help you keep up with multi-player competition.
  • Real Pros On Real Boards - Test drive 16 pros including: Jim Rippey, JP Walker, Michele Taggart and 13 year-old wonder kid Shaun White. Ride in style on 34 boards from Burton, Forum, K2, MLY, M3, Salomon, Ride, Morrow and Santa Cruz.
  • Big Time Events - Down Hill, Half Pipe, Slope Style, CBX, Big Air, Trickmaster and new Special events that will seriously get you amped.
  • Create Your Own Rider And Board - Build your body, slide into your choice of namebrand gear then shred down on a deck you customize.
  • 30 New Courses - Conquer 5 new mountain riddled with steeper cliff drops, huge jumps, longer rails, sleeker curves and more obstacles.

Analog Controller and Vibration Function Compatible. Memory Card: 1-2 blocks.

Used Video Game with 90 day warranty. Disc only, does not include box or instructions.

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