PlayStation 1 Road Rash Jailbreak (Game Disc Only) [T]

PlayStation 1 Road Rash Jailbreak (Game Disc Only) [T]

  • $ 4.93

Do The Crime

Don't Do The Time
The Rash is Back with all the intense motorcycle racing combat that makes Road Rash the King of the Road!
  • Jailbreak Mode - Rise through the ranks of your gang to bust Spaz out of the slammer.
  • "Five-0" Mode - You're a cop with a grudge and a quota, fill it with rashers.
  • 5 New Multiplayer Modes - Team up in Sidecar mode or race your friends for bragging rights in Skull-to-Skull mode.
  • More Fighting - All-new combo attacks and sick super moves to flatten your opponents.
  • Hot New Music - Slam and jam to up-and-coming bands.

1-2 Players. Memory Card: 1 Block. Multi Tap Adaptable: 1-4 Players. Analog Control Compatible. Vibration Function Compatible.

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