PlayStation 1 Soviet Strike (Game Disc Only) [T]

PlayStation 1 Soviet Strike (Game Disc Only) [T]

  • $ 4.93

We're looking at a Worst Case Scenario. An ex-KGB general is about to put some heart into the cold war-the Red Army is up for grabs and he's got his eye on it.

Let's stop this while it's still a rumor.

If we fail, we're looking at war-and that doesn't happen on my clock.

  • State-of-the-art 3-D engine-photo-realistic digitized terrain and artillery.
  • Light to up the screen with hellfires, hydras, and the flaming debris of your enemies.
  • More than just a shooter-manage resources like fuel, ammo and armor.
  • New living battlefield-enemy AI responds to your actions.

Rated: TEEN 13+. Animated Violence. Realistic Violence. 1 Player. Memory Card 1 Block.

Used Video Game with 90 day warranty. Disc only, does not include box or instructions.

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