GameCube Super Smash Bros Melee (Game Disc Only)

  • $ 49.93

Used Video Game with 90 day warranty. Disc only, does not include box or instructions.

The All-Star Brawl Is On!

Nintendo's biggest stars are all here! Duke it out with Mario, Link, Donkey Kong, The Ice Climbers, and many more.

  • The craziest four-player fighting game of all time returns for a frantic, fun-filled Nintendo GameCube melee! Pick a classic character and enter the fray.
  • A brand-new Adventure mode takes you through classic side-scrolling worlds like the Mushroom Kingdom!
  • Choose from over 20 stages and wage battles with tons of items, like Bob-ombs and the Super Scope.
  • Tons of custom options await, each with a wild twist. Try playing Giant Melee for a gargantuan clash!
  • Battle through a new Coin match, fight for style points in Bonus mode, or stage a tournament with up to 64 players!
  • Unlock cool game secrets! Take on Event Mode and fight through specific battle challenges.
  • As you play, collect nearly 300 detailed trophies of characters and items from throughout Nintendo's history.

Rated: TEEN (13+). Comic Mischief, Mild Violence. 1-4 Player/Simultaneous. Memory Card: 11 blocks (without Snapshots). Banner