PlayStation 2 Ghost Recon Used [M]

PlayStation 2 Ghost Recon Used [M]

  • $ 3.95

Used Video Game with Original Box, Original Instruction Booklet and 90 Day Warranty

The Total Battlefield Experience for the PlayStation 2 Entertainment System

Eastern Europe, 2008. Command the Ghosts: An elite handful of specially trained Green Berets, armed with the latest technology and the deadliest weapons, in a mission to keep the lid on a new war before it mushrooms... literally.

  • All The Realism, Sweat, And Fear From The Game Of The Year - With the original 15 missions, plus 5 new "book camp" maps, dozens of weapons, and 8 exclusive Desert Siege new single a maps to unlock.
  • Multiplayer Warfare - 2 players in split screen. Play against each other or in co-op mode against the relentless A.I. enemies.
  • New Console Controls - Including auto-aiming, new radar, and new zoom system.
  • Squad-Based Combat In Your Living Room - Lead your team through each map in Mission, Firefight, or Recon modes.

Rated: MATURE. Blood and Gore. 1-2 Players. Vibration Function and Analog Control Compatible. Memory Card: 500KB.

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