PlayStation 2 Madden NFL 2004 Used [E]

PlayStation 2 Madden NFL 2004 Used [E]

  • $ 4.95

Used Video Game with Original Box, Original Instruction Booklet and 90 Day Warranty



  • New PlayMaker Control
    Revolutionary new feature allows you to control players off the ball. Change receiver routes pre-snap and mid-play, direct blocking downfield during a run, and more.
  • New Owner Mode
    Hire staff, set ticket and concession prices, and build your stadium with luxury boxes, scoreboards, and more. Keep score by tracking your team's revenue and fan support.
  • New Integrated Playcalling Presentation
    Speed up the pace of the game without missing any of the on-field action. An all-new interface allows you to call plays while watching in-game replays, celebrations, and reactions.
  • The Most Realistic Playbooks
    Featuring playbooks from all officially licensed NFL Coaches Club Head Coaches and licensed Assistant Coaches.
  • New EA SPORTS Bio
    Track your accomplishments in Madden NFL 2004 and unlock special rewards by playing multiple EA SPORTS games like NCAA Football 2004, NBA Live 2004, and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004.
  • Enhanced EA SPORTS Online
    Compete in a quick match-up or all-new Online Tournament games, and chat in-game with EA Sports Talk. New EA Sports Fair Play settings reduce online cheating and only reward players who complete full games.
Rated: EVERYONE. 1-2 Players. Analog Control, Vibration Function, and Pressure Sensitive Compatible. Multitap (for PS2): 1-8 Players. Online: Ethernet Broadband or Analog Modem required. AOL Dial-Up Compatible. Network Adaptor (PS2): 2 Players.

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