Xbox Medal of Honor Frontline Used [T]

Xbox Medal of Honor Frontline Used [T]

  • $ 4.95

Used Video Game with Original Box, Original Instruction Booklet and 90 Day Warranty

You Don't Play, You Volunteer.

All-Out Multiplayer Warfare

  • Engage the Enemy on War-torn Landscapes Throughout Europe
  • Go to War as One of 20 Allied or Axis Soldiers

Armed to the Teeth with 18 Authentic WWII Weapons
  • Outgun Hundreds of Nazi Soldiers
  • Fight Alongside Battle-Hardened Allies

Master OSS Training
  • Penetrate Enemy Strongholds
  • Outsmart Highly-Trained SS Officers

19 Deadly Missions
  • Storm the Beaches of Normandy
  • Infiltrate a Secret Weapons Facility
  • Sabotage German U-Boats
  • Hijack the Nazi's Experimental Ho-IX Jet Plane.

Rated: TEEN. Violence. 1-4 Player. Memory Card:10 Blocks.In-game Dolby Digital.HDTV 480p.

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