PlayStation 1 Air Combat (Game Disc Only)

PlayStation 1 Air Combat (Game Disc Only)

  • $ 5.93

Used Video Game with 90 day warranty. Disc only, does not include box or instructions.

You are the team leader of an elite corps of mercenaries - fighter pilots hired to strike where NATO air forces have failed. Your mission? Take out a ruthless sect of terrorists that has invaded and entrenched themselves within the confines of several global hot spots. Your hardware? Everything from F-15's to radar-invisible F-22 Stealth Fighters. The briefing is over, gentlemen. Win one for the free world. Good hunting.


  • 17 intense combat sorties, destroy terrorists in the air, on the ground and at sea.
  • True 360 degree environment, fly under bridges, through canyons or into walls. It's your choice.
  • 2-player dogfight mode. The cockpit becomes a pressure cooker.
  • Buy & sell up to 16 aircrafts each ranging in firepower, mobility and capability. Choose from deadly, deadlier or deadliest.

Rated: Kids to Adults, Suitable for all ages. 1 or 2 Players.

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