Xbox Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow Used [T]

Xbox Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow Used [T]

  • $ 4.95

Used Video Game with Original Box, Original Instruction Booklet and 90 Day Warranty

The New Dawn Of Stealth Action

You are Sam Fisher, a covert U.S. operative on a mission of high-risk espionage. Execute with total stealth. Exit without a trace.

Single-Player Action:

  • Intense Realism: 17 levels of gripping Clancy action powered by mind-blowing visuals.
  • Cutting-Edge Espionage: The most advanced weapons, gadgets, and stealth moves.

Multiplayer Action:
  • Multiplayer Revolution: Experience the first-ever multiplayer stealth game through system link and on Xbox Live.
  • Choose Your Side: Play as a spy in 3rd person or as a mercenary in 1st person in 3 intense modes.

Rated: TEEN. Blood, Drug Reference, Violence. 1-4 Players. In-game Dolby Digital, Communicator Headset, Content Download, Online Multiplayer, Voice, Friends and Scoreboards Compatible. System Link: 1-4 Players. Memory Unit: 463 Blocks.

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